The spirit and team behind it.

Who we are.

HmOney comprises of a team of business analysts and technologists from the renewable industry.

Having followed over years various paradigm shifts in technologies such as CRT to flat panel displays, the rise of PV to become a prominent contributor to our today’s energy mix or the recent start of phasing out of fossil fuel vehicles, hydrogen early received our attention to become a next game changer.

Not only to discover the technical capabilities of H₂ captured our interest, but to predict how early adopters could have a run as Tesla demonstrated successfully as an example in a newly defined business environment. To identify those who see their success in industries to come and to blossom is our driving force.

Since success does not only depend on the companies’ abilities to create but also on the political environment providing a pathway to future growth of a new industry, the thrilling part of our work is to scan the different sources and provide a most efficient condensation for our site visitors.

This mission has started December 2020 by going public with our site H₂ but with the motivation to listen and improve.

Our motivation.

Our motivation to start was triggered in January 2020 when Randy MacEwen, CEO & President of Ballard Power Systems, published an article with the title:

„Why Elon Musk is wrong about Fuel Cells“

…while just weeks later in June, the German government committed to develop Germany as a leader in the hydrogen industry and provided funds up to 9 bill € (9000 million) to boost the industry…