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The full package for Continuous insights to invest successfully in hydrogen.

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Stay tuned as one of the first to know every important news & updates in hydrogen.

All details to our H₂mOney Index. In Premium Service also for every next period.

We are constantly working to expand our services. Be curious what we will offer next.

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HelpFrequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to the Premium Service?

1. Add a payment method (PayPal Subscription with paypal, debit or credit card payment).

2. Subscribe with your first name, last name and email-address.

3. To finalize your Subscription, you will receive an email, where you have to click on the link “I confirm my registration and choose how to receive the daily news”. In the following pop-up window you will choose how to receive the daily news (push or daily collection at 6 pm CET) and press the “Save”-button.

How will I receive the Premium content?

After successfull registration as a Premium user (as described in the question above), you will receive the Premium content automatically via email whenever new reports were generated.

How can I modify the interval of receiving the Daily News?

In every e-mail you have the option of adjusting your selection via the link “Unsubscribe or Manage your Subscriptions”.

When and how can I cancel the Premium Service?

The premium service can be easily and conveniently cancelled before the next payment (monthly).

In each email you have the option to unsubscribe from the news service via clicking on “Unsubscribe or Manage your Subscription“. If you confirm your cancellation by clicking “Yes, unsubscribe me” the page will navigate you further to cancel your PayPal subscription payment.

On the page “This is to confirm your Unsubscription” please go ahead by clicking “PayPal Subscriptions” and log in to your PayPal account to cancel your Subscription, if you used PayPal as payment method. If you chose debit- or credit card, please click on the “email” link and send us a short information that you unsubscribed from our Premium Service. We will stop the payment and send you a confirmation via email.