H₂ Products Today

Having definitely left the starting blocks.

H as it becomes part of our lives.

While H₂ is seen as an industry with a bright future, we are surrounded with hydrogen products already today.

Hands on – some of the H₂ end products already commercially available on the market.

Please send us (info@h2money.com) information on further end products that you already see in the field and we are happy to include. 


Hyundai NEXO SUV

756 km range, 6,33 kg H2 tank, 120 kW/163 PS


650 km range, 5,6 kg H2 tank, 184 PS

Grove Obsidian SUV

1200 km range, 200 kW 

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Hydrogen

350 km range + 120 km reach, 74 liter H2 tank, 60 PS

Renault Master Z.E. Hydrogen

320 km range + 190 km reach, 2 x 53 liter H2 tank, 76 PS 

Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Truck

400 km range, 32 kg H2 tank, 350 kW 

Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen Bus

350 km range, 70 kW FC

Van Hool A330 Fuel Cell Bus

38 kg H2 tank, 85 kW FC

Green Sweeper 500 H2

100% powered by hydrogen

Alstom Coradia iLint Train

Top speed of 140 km/h  

Linde Fork lift

Hydrogen powered material handling  

Mulag Orbiter 7.5/9LPG

60 l H2 tank, 46 kW

Gaussin SA ATM Automation

5 l tank, 15 kW
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Power Generation

SFC Energy Jupiter 2.5 Fuel Cell Unit

Nominal outputs from 2,5 to 20 kW 

2G Energy SG CHP

115 – 360 kW


SFC Energy EFOY Pro series

Nominal outputs from 40 to 125 kW 

Gaussin SA  Powerpack Hydrogen

40 – 160 kW